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Mobile Showcase

Welcome to the showcase for the mobile Axon.ivy app. Basically this is a simple elevator maintenance process. Imagine that you are an elevator maintenance technician and you receive your work tasks by the mobile app.

For any question or feedback, do not hesitate to contact  Andreas Balsiger.

Process Model

First the elevator service technician gets a task to make the maintenance for an elevator. This is a user task so you can use this task as well when you are offline. In the task form we added a button to see the location of the elevator in Google maps. As well you have a timer that records the time you need for the maintenance. So, we can simulate that you can use active elements with JavaScript and process them on the server side when you complete the task. And we attach some PDF's to the case to simulate service manuals.

Second the team leader role gets a task to approve the invoice for service to the customer. This is a normal task so we can show that they can be used as well. In the invoice you see the time all the parts from the maintenance task. We do not continue on the result and stop the showcase here.

In addition we create one task per day to restock the spare parts in the service car that he is using. So, after the first maintenance task of the day, the task is created. After the second only the data of the task is changed. We use a trigger element for this.

Download the Ivy project


We try to have available a few tasks any any time. If no task is available, then you can create a task on your own.

We also remove left over tasks on a regular basis. But especially for the team lead role, it might be that quite some invoice tasks might be open.


Currently only the iOS app can work with the Showcase process, the Android app is not yet available. 

Step 1

Open the settings dialog on your device by tapping the icon * on the top left


Step 2

Input the following information into the settings:

Server URL: http://ivymobile.work:8080/ivy/api/MobileShowCase
User name Password Role
Robert 1 Technician
Paul 1 Technician
John 1 Technician
David 1 Technician
Richard 1 Technician
Mary 1 Technician
Rose 1 Technician
Linda 1 Technician
technician1 1 Technician
technician2 1 Technician
Michael 1 Team Lead
James 1 Team Lead
Kevin 1 Team Lead
Lisa 1 Team Lead
leader 1 Team Lead

Step 3

Tap the done button on the top right. If everythings is okay, you should see the task list with tasks


YouTube Demo

Note, that this video was screen casted from an official demo and contains some features that you cannot see on the official version of the app.